Halina has always been extraordinarily easy to work with. As a seasoned professional, she shows up at a moment's notice, and delivers exactly what I need in the studio. She takes direction beautifully and can always bring something more to the table when asked. The voice-over work I do is frequently demanding as to delivery and timing - and Halina always nails it, maximum one or two takes. Her work simply sparkles.

Sonny Stone
Mitchell Shore Creative Services

I have worked with Halina Balka for more than a decade. I have found her to be the consummate professional. She is intelligent, talented, and a terrific team player. To top it all off, Halina has one of the most "believable" voices in the business.

Scott Metcalfe
News Director, 680 News

Great read. Great attitude.

Alec Steward
Dynamix Productions